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I’m Diana. I’m 30. I’m portuguese. I’m an actress. Freelancer artist. Adventure seeker. And I don’t know what am I going to be when i grow up.
I decided to leave my comfortable life and go on a backpack solo trip to (such a cliche!) to find some answers.
I believe good things happens to good people, and that only happens when you get way of your comfort zone; that’s when life happens. Let me try to be the proof of this. If i’m wrong, i’ll tell you later.

I believe we are the “no man’s land generation.”
Our parents were told that if they study, they would get a longlife job, they should get married, have kids, and save some money to make a cruise when they’re 50.
Our young siblings’ generation were told to choose a carreer they love (instead of a money maker one), to go abroad, and never get lock or stuck to nobody and nowhere.
And we… this “in the middle” generation were told a bit of both, and we don’t know where to go. Either to have a certain, fix, save job, or to risk everything and look for more. So we are (like Stealers Wheel said); stuck in the middle of both.

I was in Kenya for a while, and that change my way of looking into life. But I’ll tell you more about it ahead. For now, i’m heading to South America with my heavy backpack, 2 pair of shoes, 7 shirts, 2 dresses, 2 pants, 2 shorts, lot of medicins, sunscreen, 1 book, one mascara (cause girls always needs mascara!!!) and with a one-way ticket.

In Portugal, when we make a toast, we say “tchin-tchin”. It means cheers. I broke my chin one month before I started this journey, riding my motocyle. My scar is kind of a T. On my chin. So, i gave up a lot and said… T-chin, T-chin to life.
From now on, it’s just me and my backpack… and my sexy new chin, 😉

Nice to meet you.

Tchin tchin, South America!


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